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Course Title: Nurturing Faith: A Journey of Spiritual Growth




8 Weeks


About the Course

Course Title: Nurturing Faith: A Journey of Spiritual Growth

Course Overview: Explore the foundations of faith, deepen your spiritual connection, and embark on a transformative journey with our comprehensive course, "Nurturing Faith." This course is designed for individuals seeking a profound understanding of their faith, regardless of their background or level of spiritual maturity.

Module 1: Introduction to Faith

  • Lesson 1: Defining Faith

  • Lesson 2: Historical Perspectives on Faith

  • Lesson 3: Faith in Contemporary Society

Module 2: Exploring Sacred Texts

  • Lesson 1: The Bible: A Comprehensive Overview

  • Lesson 2: Understanding Other Sacred Texts

  • Lesson 3: Interpreting Scriptures

Module 3: Foundations of Christian Beliefs

  • Lesson 1: The Trinity

  • Lesson 2: Salvation and Atonement

  • Lesson 3: The Role of Grace

Module 4: Spiritual Practices

  • Lesson 1: Prayer and Meditation

  • Lesson 2: Rituals and Sacraments

  • Lesson 3: Fasting and Spiritual Disciplines

Module 5: Faith in Action

  • Lesson 1: Living Out Your Faith in Daily Life

  • Lesson 2: Social Justice and Faith

  • Lesson 3: Evangelism and Outreach

Module 6: Interfaith Dialogue

  • Lesson 1: Understanding Other Faith Traditions

  • Lesson 2: Building Bridges of Understanding

  • Lesson 3: Finding Common Ground

Module 7: Challenges to Faith

  • Lesson 1: Doubt and Questioning

  • Lesson 2: Dealing with Trials and Tribulations

  • Lesson 3: Navigating Secularism and Skepticism

Module 8: Personal Faith Development Plan

  • Lesson 1: Reflecting on Your Faith Journey

  • Lesson 2: Setting Spiritual Goals

  • Lesson 3: Creating a Supportive Community

Course Format:

  • Lectures: Engaging video lectures presented by seasoned instructors.

  • Readings: Selected readings from sacred texts, theological works, and contemporary writings.

  • Discussions: Interactive online forums for students to share insights and ask questions.

  • Reflections: Personal journaling and reflection assignments to deepen understanding.


  • Quizzes: Periodic quizzes to assess knowledge retention.

  • Final Project: A comprehensive final project reflecting on personal faith development.

  • Participation: Active engagement in discussions and reflections.

Course Duration:

  • 8 weeks (One module per week)

Embark on a transformative journey of faith, self-discovery, and spiritual growth with our "Nurturing Faith" course. Open to all seeking a deeper connection with their spirituality!

Your Instructor

Ambassador Maxine Coley

Life Coach, Christian Counselor, Anger-Management specialist, Domestic Violence specialist and an international U.S.A Chaplin.

Ambassador Maxine Coley
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