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Course Title: Deliverance Unveiled: A 6-Week Journey to Spiritual Freedom




6 weeks


About the Course

Course Title: Deliverance Unveiled: A 6-Week Journey to Spiritual Freedom

Course Overview: "Deliverance Unveiled" is a transformative 6-week course designed to guide individuals through the principles and practices of spiritual deliverance. Participants will explore biblical foundations, practical steps, and engage in discussions to cultivate a deeper understanding of spiritual freedom.

Week 1: Understanding Spiritual Warfare

  • Session 1: Introduction to Spiritual Warfare

    • Defining spiritual warfare

    • Recognizing the reality of spiritual battles

  • Session 2: Biblical Foundations of Spiritual Warfare

    • Exploring key scriptures on spiritual warfare

    • Understanding the nature of the enemy

Week 2: Identifying Areas Needing Deliverance

  • Session 1: Discerning Bondages and Strongholds

    • Recognizing personal strongholds

    • Identifying areas needing deliverance

  • Session 2: The Role of Prayer and Discernment

    • Developing a discerning spirit

    • Establishing a powerful prayer life

Week 3: The Authority of Believers

  • Session 1: Understanding Authority in Christ

    • Exploring scriptures on the authority of believers

    • Activating spiritual authority

  • Session 2: Practical Applications of Spiritual Authority

    • Exercising authority in prayer and daily life

    • Breaking free from bondage through Christ's authority

Week 4: Breaking Generational Curses

  • Session 1: Unveiling Generational Patterns

    • Identifying generational curses

    • Breaking the cycle through prayer and repentance

  • Session 2: Healing and Restoration

    • Receiving healing from generational wounds

    • Restoration in Christ

Week 5: Deliverance Practices and Protocols

  • Session 1: Practical Steps in Deliverance

    • Understanding deliverance protocols

    • Safe and biblical deliverance practices

  • Session 2: Group Deliverance and Intercession

    • Engaging in corporate deliverance

    • Building a supportive community

Week 6: Living in Ongoing Freedom

  • Session 1: Maintaining Deliverance

    • Strategies for maintaining spiritual freedom

    • Cultivating a lifestyle of ongoing deliverance

  • Session 2: Q&A and Personal Testimonies

    • Addressing participant questions

    • Sharing personal testimonies of deliverance

Course Format:

  • Lectures: Video lectures explaining key concepts and practices.

  • Practical Sessions: Hands-on exercises and application of deliverance principles.

  • Group Discussions: Interactive online forums for sharing insights and experiences.

  • Live Q&A: Weekly live sessions for participants to ask questions.


  • Reflection Papers: Personal reflections on course content and experiences.

  • Participation: Active engagement in discussions and practical sessions.

  • Final Test: A comprehensive final test on course material.

Embark on a transformative 6-week journey to spiritual freedom with "Deliverance Unveiled" – a course that equips and empowers individuals to walk in ongoing deliverance through Christ.

Your Instructor

Ambassador Maxine coley

Life Coach, Christian Counselor, Anger-Management specialist, Domestic Violence specialist and an international U.S.A Chaplin.

Ambassador Maxine coley
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