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Course Title: Biblical Principles of Giving: A 3-Week Course




3 weeks


About the Course

Course Title: Biblical Principles of Giving: A 3-Week Course

Week 1: Understanding Tithing Session 1: Introduction to Biblical Giving

  • Defining the biblical concept of giving

  • Overview of the significance of financial stewardship

Session 2: The Concept of Tithing

  • Exploring the origins of tithing in the Bible

  • Understanding the purpose and principles of tithing

Week 2: Alms and Compassionate Giving Session 1: Almsgiving in the Scriptures

  • Examining the biblical teachings on almsgiving

  • Understanding the heart behind compassionate giving

Session 2: Practical Application of Almsgiving

  • Discussing ways to practically engage in acts of mercy

  • Navigating challenges and opportunities in compassionate giving

Week 3: Feast Offerings and Freewill Offerings Session 1: Feast Offerings in the Old Testament

  • Exploring the significance of feast offerings

  • Understanding the cultural context and symbolism

Session 2: Freewill Offerings in the New Testament

  • Examining the principles of freewill offerings

  • Discussing the joyous and willing heart in giving

Course Format:

  • Lectures: Video presentations on each topic with relevant biblical references.

  • Group Discussions: Online forums for sharing insights and personal experiences.

  • Case Studies: Analyzing biblical case studies on giving and stewardship.

  • Q&A Sessions: Opportunities for participants to seek clarification and ask questions.


  • Weekly Reflections: Personal reflections on key teachings and their application.

  • Giving Plan: Developing a personal giving plan based on biblical principles.

  • Final Project: Presenting a brief overview of how the principles learned will be applied in participants' lives.

Course Objectives:

  1. To understand the biblical foundations of giving and stewardship.

  2. To explore various forms of giving, including tithes, alms, feast offerings, and freewill offerings.

  3. To equip participants with practical tools for implementing biblical principles of giving in their lives.

Embark on a transformative 3-week journey into the "Biblical Principles of Giving," gaining insights into the richness of biblical stewardship and the joy of generosity.

Your Instructor

Dr. Safa Hill

Dr. Safa Hill
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