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Faith upside down

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Have Faith In God


Week 1: Introduction to "Faith Upside Down" Overview of the Course Defining "Faith Upside Down" Exploring the need for different perspectives in faith Week 2: Historical Perspectives on Challenging Faith Norms Historical figures or movements challenging conventional faith Analyzing the impact on religious communities Examining how such challenges shaped faith narratives Week 3: Theological Reflections on Faith Transformation Understanding theological concepts related to transformation Discussing the role of doubt, questioning, and uncertainty in faith Exploring different theological frameworks that embrace change Week 4: Personal Faith Journeys Sharing personal stories of faith transformation Discussing the challenges and rewards of questioning beliefs Encouraging open dialogue within the faith community Week 5: Embracing Diversity in Faith Appreciating different cultural, religious, and spiritual perspectives Discussing the benefits of diverse beliefs within a community Addressing the challenges of inclusivity in faith communities Week 6: Building a Faith Community with Upside-Down Values Exploring communal practices that encourage diversity of thought Reflecting on how to create an inclusive and supportive faith community Planning for ongoing personal and communal transformation Q&A Sessions: Throughout the course, allocate time for Q&A sessions to address participants' questions, concerns, and reflections. This allows for dynamic interaction and ensures that participants can engage with the material personally.

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